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Monday, October 26, 2009

Blackforest Cheese cake

Would like to thank my gal buddy for trusting me to bake her sister birthday cake last Thursday,22nd Oct. She choose to have Blackforest Cheesecake with less cream - meaning less butter cream for the deco!! In fact, I actually felt sorry as I still could not master the skills on cake decorations! Hence I could only decorate it with fruits which are more healthier!!

Blackforest Cheese cake (Biscuit crumbs base)
I personally is not fond of butter icing, butter cream..those colourings..I know it is more eye catching with colours!! so you would not actually find it in those cakes that I baked!! But, if there is a chance for me to attend any of cake decorations workshop... I am sure I would be able to do some basic decorations ONE DAY!! Be it with with those frostings, icings or cream with colours!!

I am also interested in paper craftings recently...well.. still a beginner though in it.. and have spent hundred of dollars in buying those magazine and materials!! Handmade card's materials are not cheap!!!! Really not cheap!!! so I made a birthday card for Amy..the birthday gal.. the card look simple right?? But, it took me an hour to make it!!! Well... I hope she like it!!

At the same time, my regular cake-eater requested a blackforest fresh cream I bake one for him....initially would like to use chocolate shavings to decorate the cake to make it look classy..after done.. it looks quite 'dark'.. and I saw a packet of flower marshmallows which I bought quite sometime ago but still not expired yet... Then I add the marshmallows here and there.. and in the end.. it looks bit kiddy but eye catching....ahahah...

Blackforest Fresh Cream cake

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